Write on 25 January 2016 from Yanez Viaggi

It was among the few European capitals that I had yet to discover, because often during the working year I give myself some brief break from work, of course prejudice “in the neighborhood.” Finally this…


Write on 8 May 2013 from Yanez Viaggi

The Sisterhood of all time, with our trip “anniversary”, initially oriented towards much more challenging goals … then we realize, thanks to the valuable advice of the “experts”, who with only 7 days available, we…


Write on 29 January 2013 from Yanez Viaggi

We stayed at Christmas in the apartment Raffaello Florence, the welcome was perfect: 10 in functionality and support 10 in the aesthetic sense 10 in cleaning. Alessandro

Abu Dhabi

Write on 10 December 2012 from Yanez Viaggi

I want to share with you the photos of the Mosque of Abu Dhabi, the largest in the world after Mecca, although in photo does not do enough, I assure you that is a marvel,…


Write on 15 November 2012 from Yanez Viaggi

In November, I had an unexpected week off, the girls of Yanez found me a last minute offer for Watamu, after a few days on the beach I decided to book a two-day mini safari…

New York City

Write on 3 February 2012 from Yanez Viaggi

I finally had to go to New York and I have to say that this city is even more beautiful than I expected, is really fascinating and it seems to be in a movie. 5…


Write on 20 January 2012 from Yanez Viaggi

What about Dubai, a curious town and definitely worth seeing, a set of very luxurious skyscrapers with strange shapes and huge shopping malls sprouting from the desert! The perfect destination for a long weekend a…